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October 9th is World Sight Day 2014, and this year we aim to increase awareness of those living with low vision and blindness. Throughout the year provides sight, prevention and protection through our Change the View project. In addition to this initiative, this year we are hosting the globe’s largest staring contest with #WHOBLINKEDFIRST.

To join in, video yourself and a friend’s staring contest and upload it with the hashtag #WHOBLINKEDFIRST. For every video uploaded with this hashtag we will donate an additional pair of prescription eyeglasses, Vitamin A Tablets, or UV protective sunglasses, based on the individual need.

To date, the Change the View project has assisted over 340,000 people globally with sight restorative prescription glasses, Vitamin A tables to prevent the early development of eye disease in children, and sunglasses to block harmful UV Rays.


Why Does This Matter?

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) notes that of the debilitating eye-related issues, 80% causing visual impairment can be avoided though prevention. World Sight Day highlights the need to assist the 285 million people worldwide living with low vision and blindness. 39 million people are completely blind, with 90% living in low-income countries. A further 246 million people are living with moderate or severe visual impairment. is active throughout the year with our partners at Free the Children, Vitamin Angels, the CityReach Care Society, and the Toronto Foundation for Student Success.



Leading up to World Sight Day, not only will you automatically provide a donation of prescription glasses, sunglasses or Vitamin A tablets when you share the hashtag #WHOBLINKEDFIRST with your starting contest video, but we hope that this will also spark an awareness that will lead to participants finding local charities where they can be involved.

So what are you waiting for? Grab and friend and start staring! Let us know #WHOBLINKEDFIRST

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