White Glasses After labor day

Traditions come and go, but bright in white after Labor Day is here to stay, which goes for those white glasses as well. As the old tradition goes, wearing white was banned after Labor Day as white was deemed a color solely worn for the Summer season and with Labor Day marking the end of Summer, white was to be retired until the following year.

According to 2012 fashion trends for Fall, bright in white post Labor Day is a-ok. Fashion power houses such as Versace, Jil Sander and Vivienne Westwood prove that the notion of not wearing white after Labor Day is indeed passe as they flashed looks featuring bright white during their Fall RTW 2012 runway shows as seen above.

To embrace this fresh trend, our editors’ have hand picked their favorite bright white glasses designs.

Editors’ Picks

For a more distinctive look, steer towards white glasses that feature a more opaque acetate frame. If you’re looking for a more subdued style, try white glasses that feature a translucent, or clear, glasses design.

Which ever style you’re more drawn to, focus on glasses that have a larger, more exaggerated design, as well as a thicker frame to ensure your white glasses get the attention they deserve.

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