Vogue Patterns: Balenciaga Sunglasses

Vogue Patterns is currently featuring a pair of our Balenciaga sunglasses in their August/September 2013 as part of an inspiration for reinventing mid-century style and making it modern. Oversized sunglasses are a favorite accessory as they provide a universally flattering style that is available in a wide selection of shapes, patterns and materials.

 Balenciaga sunglasses provide an ideal choice for vintage-inspired frames offering a vast array of styles to choose from, both in conventional shapes and also in daring designs and materials.

Balenciaga Sunglasses: Editors’ Picks

Some of our favorite Balenciaga sunglasses styles this season.

If you’re looking for that classic ‘Jackie-O’ style of sunglasses, look no further than these frames that feature the classic oval shape, striated dark brown acetate and gradient brown tinted lenses.

Veering from a rounder style, these sunglasses feature a squarer shape with captivating caramel tones and an ashy horned pattern.

Oversized sunglasses don’t necessarily need a bold acetate frame to make a statement. These metal frames have a butterfly effect that are flattering to most face shapes and provide an opportunity to make a unique style statement.



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