Victoria Beckham Glasses: Get The Look for Less

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Shop Featured Styles: (1) Derek Cardigan 7028 Black, (2) Derek Cardigan 7012 Birch, (3) Derek Cardigan 7023 Black, (4) Derek Cardigan 7028 Wood

With the launch of her self titled clothing label continuing to gain momentum within the world of high fashion, Victoria Beckham has broadened her design skills to include eyewear. The Victoria Beckham glasses collection includes select styles that exude opulent glamor. From oversized frames paired with classic acetates to the more modern pair of Victoria Beckham glasses that feature a warm honey hue, we love each and every frame from the Victoria Beckham glasses collection.

Now, if you’ve had your eye on a pair of Victoria Beckham glasses but can’t fathom the $600 (minimum) price point, we’ve paired up similar styles from our exclusive Derek Cardigan glasses collection. Derek Cardigan glasses are designed with the same high fashion appeal as a pair of Victoria Beckham glasses, but are available at a more affordable price point. For a fresh frame look, browse through the slideshow above and find your favorite style of Derek Cardigan glasses!


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