Try this style: Big glasses frames

Whether to help you see better or to protect your eyes from the sun, there is no doubt that oversized glasses are a hot trend. This summer, big glasses frames are definitely a bold fashion statement to make.

If you think glasses with big frames are only for the nerdy and bookish types, then think again. Johnny Depp wears them, and so does Jay-Z. Historically, oversized glasses have been popular among influential celebs like Andy Warhol and did Kurt Cobain.

It seems like everyone has hopped on the big glasses frames bandwagon – from models and starlets to some of the biggest film and music stars.

The reason? Glasses with big frames go well with a lot of faces. They are especially good for larger face shapes, but can still be worn by those with smaller faces as long as they are not overwhelming. As long as you choose the right shape for your face and the right color for your eyes and hair, you can find the perfect big glasses frames to enhance your look.

When you choose to wear big glasses frames, prepare to get noticed because they do tend to attract a lot of attention! As one of the easiest to implement and one of the most attention-grabbing fashion statements, this is a style you must try.

How To Wear

Big Glasses Frames










Sizing Tips

Big Glasses Frames

There are a number of things you should consider when buying glasses with big frames. If it is your first time wearing a larger frame, then choose slim frames. Being lighter and less obtrusive, they help you get used to big frames. After you have acclimatized yourself to the larger size, go for thicker, bolder frames.

After shape and size, the two things that are really important are design and color. Go for a design that best reflects your personal taste or even something new that you might not normally choose. At, we offer a wide selection of big glasses frames in funky colors and patterns.

If your style is geek-chic, vintage or high fashion, big glasses frames are a must-try. To channel this style, browse our collection of designer glasses frames.

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