Transitions® Lenses: Editors’ Glasses Picks

With the summer season before us, and outdoor athletics in full swing, it’s time to start considering how to get maximum sun protection for your eyes with an equal level of style. With their adaptability into any pair of glasses frames, Transitions® lenses have you covered for any time of day.

Editors’ Picks: Transitions® Style Selections

Transitions® lenses can be added to any pair of glasses. Select a frame from your favorite designers, enter your prescription and when selecting the lens type choose Transitions® . We’ve selected on-trend glasses frames styles for you to gain inspiration for your perfect pair.

Athletic Appeal

When you’re biking through different environments, through tunnels and open road, Transitions® lenses will activate based on the intensity of the sunlight. These lenses are always adapting to the perfect tint through photochromic technology. A day of golfing on the fairway is ideal for Transitions® lenses that will ensure that you always have ideal clarity when taking the shot (or when searching through the bunker).

The Perfect

glasses frames provide an enduring, cool style that is universally flattering. For a day out, Transitions® lenses are a great option to adjust to your busy lifestyle – from errands around town to hitting the patio for drinks – you’ll never have to worry about swapping glasses for sunglasses.

Round Translucence

Round glasses frames are made fresh again with with modern translucent acetates and unique detailing, such as the keyhole cut out and math symbol detailing on this pair. A rounder shape also looks great both with clear and sunglasses tinting that can be achieved through the addition of a Transitions® lens.

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Editor’s Tip

Use Progressives? Add a Transitions® Progressives Lens and get the benefit of this lightweight, polycarbonate, Digital Free From Lens and Transitions®‘ photochromic technology


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