Touch by Alyssa Milano Glasses | Sporty Chic


New additions have been added to the Touch by Alyssa Milano glasses collection and just in time for spring! Alyssa’s spring clothing line consists of casual yet sexy sportswear for women so you can expect to see coordinating colors and styles from her new spring glasses collection. Alyssa is a notorious sports fan consistently being seen at football and baseball games so it’s no surprise that the new line embodies a sporty chic vibe that is ideal for the fun and fearless woman.

Of course, we can’t forget that Alyssa Milano was the host of Project Runway All Stars so her love for high fashion is known to all. Several patterns used in the new Touch by Alyssa Milano line are on trend and have been seen on the runways of Phillip Lim, Oscar de la Renta and Valentino, just to name a few. This goes to show that along with being a Hollywood star, Alyssa Milano has the knack of mixing just the right amount of casual with high fashion to make an amazing collection that is suitable for anyone!


Touch by Alyssa Milano 110 Tokyo Tortoise

Also available in: Black | Demi Ivory

Touch by Alyssa Milano 108 Red Demi

Also available in: Black Marble | Demi Lavender

Touch by Alyssa Milano 111 Blue

Also available in: Dark Brown | Olive

Touch by Alyssa Milano 113 Brown

Also available in: Black | Navy


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