Top 5 Reasons to Buy New Glasses


1. They improve your Sight:


It’s time to check your eyes and refresh that old prescription. Yes, you have your favorite pair of glasses, and your prescription seems to work just fine, but did you know that regular eye exams go beyond providing a new prescription by checking for eye disease, and can help with the detection of chronic systemic diseases? More information regarding eye health and glasses can be found in our  Eye Help section »

2. They Promote Eye Health:


Prescription glasses provide clearer sight,and protection when you’ve included UV Protective, Anti-Reflective and Scratch Resistant Coatings. UV Rays, glare from computer and TV screens and debris are all damaging to eye health. For more on lens types and additional features, click here to view our Lens Selection Guide »

3. They Shape your Face and Highlight your Eyes:


The right frame can flatter your face shape and bring attention to your eyes. Have a rounder face shape? Sharper lines can provide definition to your shape. A squarer shape? Soften your angular lines with rounded frames. Click here to review our Face Shape Guide and find your perfect pair »

4. They’re the Ultimate Style Accessory


Before your rings, bracelet or other accessories, people will most likely first notice your glasses frames. With luxurious acetate colors and patterns, unique hardware, and a myriad of shapes to choose from, glasses are the ultimate style piece to complete any look. Shop Glasses »

5. You’re looking for Prescription Sunglasses


Did you know that almost any frames can be transformed into sunglasses by adding gray or brown tinting? Add it with your prescription, or if you don’t need corrective lenses, enjoy the frames as sunglasses, which will still provide you with 100% UV Protection. Add tinting to any pair of glasses frames or shop our Prescription Sunglasses » 


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