@ThugXWife & @HairyNScary: Derek Cardigan


The Derek Cardigan brand has a committed following, which is primarily displayed through the over 3500+ #derekcardigan images on Instagram. Recently we were taken by @ThugXWife and @HairyNScary’s cake topper, featuring our Derek Cardigan 7010 Black glasses.

We were intrigued to learn more about the couple behind @ThugXWife and @HairyNScary (Britny and Jake) and to find out more about their style inspirations.


Britny’s Fun Facts

Name: Britny Schroeder

Profession: Model

Passion: Art

Fave Store: American Apparel

Your Idols: Sailor Moon and Tank Girl

Driving to this music: Taylor Swift

Fashion Do: Leggings

Fashion Don’t: Uggs

City that’s always on your mind: Seattle

Can’t live without: Jake… and ranch dressing


Jake’s Fun Facts

Name: Jake Schroeder

Profession: Tattoo Artist

Passion: Art

Fave Store: GameStop

Can’t live without: My lady

Driving to this music: Jay-Z

Fashion Do: Levi 514

Fashion Don’t: White Pants

City that’s always on your mind: A rainy one

Your Idols: Chuck Close and Gustave Doré

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