Summer Trends: High-Fashion Tortoise Shell Sunglasses


Summer is here again and the time has come to kick your fashion into high gear.  High-fashion tortoise shell sunglasses are perfect for adding a glamorous touch to your look. Tortoise shell sunglasses are always a classic and go well with every type of complexion. Available in many different shades of yellow and brown, your high-fashion sunglasses exude luxury and will turn at least a few heads wherever you go.

Until 1973, tortoise shell frames were made from the shell of real hawksbill turtles.  But the turtles soon became an endangered species and the trade in their shells was banned. Since then frames are made from synthetic materials, such as acetate (the pattern is now often spelled ‘tortoiseshell’). Today’s tortoise shell frames have retained the beauty and strength of the authentic shells and have become more stylish than ever before.

One thing about tortoise shell frames is that they never go out of style.  Every spring and summer they come back in a big way because they are a great neutral accessory for any outfit. So be prepared to push the limits of high-fashion with this summer’s version of the classic tortoise shell sunglasses.

Some of our favorite high-fashion tortoise shell sunglasses for this summer are:

The green and yellow colors of this frame are a unique twist on the traditional tortoiseshell pattern.  The oversized, rounded lenses and the added touch of gold at the temples make these sunglasses glamorous and luxurious.

Ray Ban’s Jackie Ohh style brings a callback to the beauty and style of the famous Jackie O. Steal her signature style with these feminine yet bold frames from the best brand in sunglasses.

Suitable for both men and women, these Armani tortoise shell sunglasses in a classic Retro-Wingtip style are definitely on-trend. One of the most versatile shapes for sunglasses, these can be dressed down or dressed up for any summer event.

The Retro-Wingtip shape of these tortoise shell sunglasses give off a definite retro vibe. Channel your inner geek with multiplication and division signs on the sides. Great for both men and women, these sunglasses will be a staple of your summertime wardrobe.

Every popular glasses designer has come up with their own version of tortoise shell sunglasses for this summer.  The best ones are those that you’d be comfortable wearing on any occasion – whether it’s a day out on the beach, a wedding or a street festival. You can wear them everywhere and look stunning!



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