Still Wearing Sunglasses Over Prescription Glasses?

Most people buy sunglasses off the shelf without any prescription. But if you’re a regular glasses wearer, you can’t just choose any pair of sunglasses. You are limited to sunglasses that fit over top of your prescription lenses, or wearing outdated clip-on sunglasses on your existing frames.

So if you are still wearing sunglasses over prescription glasses, then it is time to opt for a new pair of prescription sunglasses like so many people are doing. It’s a definite fashion faux-pas to wear a pair of bulky sunglasses over prescription glasses! Why not choose a designer pair of sunglasses that allow you to see better and look great at the same time?

The main advantage of prescription sunglasses is that they are a perfect fit for your eyes. When ordering prescription sunglasses, you must carefully consider the frame shape, frame color and lens color that suits you best. This allows you to choose a stylish pair of sunglasses that both protect your eyes and make a fashion statement. Prescription sunglasses customizable – you can choose a designer frame, enter your prescription, and choose a high-quality polarized lens in a grey or brown tint to match your own personal style.

Prescription Sunglasses

How to Order


To buy your prescription sunglasses from, visit your optician and have your eyes checked and have an up-to date prescription. You will need to submit the prescription when ordering your sunglasses.

Besides their use as a fashion accessory, the main reason for prescription sunglasses is to protect your eyes from UVA/UVB light and to improve your vision. This is the reason why you should stop wearing sunglasses over prescription glasses and get a new pair of prescription glasses instead. Your eyes are among your most important assets and a fashionable pair of sunglasses can keep your eyes healthy throughout the summer.


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