Stephanie Huang: Student & Style Blogger

Stephanie Huang created her personal style blog, High Stitched Voice, with the main goal of marrying her love of writing with her love of fashion. We were excited to see this native Californian accessorizing her latest ‘back to school’ look with a pair of glasses from our exclusive Derek Cardigan eyewear line!

The Inside Scoop

Name: Stephanie Huang

Occupation: College student and personal-style blogger

By day you can find me: In classes, shooting for my blog, and skate-boarding.

And by night: Sadly, doing homework, but on the weekends, reading, blogging, kicking back with friends and eating good food.

My go-to accessory is: A slouchy beanie or a good pair of boots.

My favorite season for fashion is: Fall, there’s just so much leeway for more creativity.

If I could turn back time and live in a different era, I’d choose the: 1920’s. There was just so much amazing art, vibrancy, and culture going on – it would have been amazing to experience that first-hand.

For creative inspiration, I: Travel to get inspired by different places and different people. Novelty inspires me!

Glasses style I love: Thick-framed, like the Derek Cardigan pair that I’m wearing! I love the gradient!

Three things I must have in my work space: 1. Pictures of loved ones 2. Music 3. The color white.

The book I couldn’t put down was: The Maytree’s, Annie Dillard

I’m most proud of: I honestly don’t know! I guess I could say my blog and what I’ve accomplished so far at my age career-wise all the while pursuing a rigorous liberal arts education.

If I could, I would raid Margaret Zhang’s closet and take everything.

The quote “A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” by Oscar Wilde has always stuck with me.

Street Style: Sports Luxe

Stephanie recently featured a pair of vintage-inspired Derek Cardigan glasses on her profile to create the ultimate sports luxe look. This ‘back to school’ outfit features wedge sneakers, denim cutoff shorts, a fun graphic tee and Derek Cardigan 7012 Black Fade glasses available exclusively from

Glasses Pick: Derek Cardigan

We love how Stephanie styled these Derek Cardigan glasses and were excited to learn why she chose this particular pair:

“I love the gradient and the way the black adds a layer of dimension to a monochrome outfit.”

For a bold look that can be dressed up or down, take inspiration from Stephanie by accessorizing with vintage-inspired Derek Cardigan glasses that feature a unique gradient design!


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