Steffy Kuncman: Vintage Fashion Blogger

Fashion blogger, Steffy Kuncman, shows off her quirky vintage street style while accessorizing with a pair of translucent Derek Cardigan glasses. Steffy’s style blog, Steffy’s Pros and Cons, showcases her love for vintage fashion finds, adorable home decor tips, and her weenie dog, Claude.

The Inside Scoop

Name: Steffy Kuncman

Occupation: Visual Merchandise Manager

By day you can find me: Working with visuals at J. Crew

And by night: Snuggling on the couch with my weenie dog, Claude!

My go-to accessory is: A bow

My favorite season for fashion is: Fall

If I could turn back time and live in a different era, I’d choose the: 60’s!

For creative inspiration, I: Look at blogs and pinterest

I’m most proud of: My mint green Coach bag that I thrifted

The book I couldn’t put down was: A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolff

Three things I must have in my work space: 1. coffee 2. lots of light 3. a steamer!

Glasses style I love: Round glasses!

If I could, I would raid Alexa Chung’s closet and take everything

The quote “It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring” has always stuck with me

Street Style: Quirky Vintage

Steffy shows off the power behind accessorizing well. She complements her adorable statement tee and jean mini with a vintage flat brimmed hat, oversized satchel and clear Derek Cardigan glasses.

Glasses Pick: Derek Cardigan

Clear plastic frames offer a modern take on a classic design. These Retro-Wingtip Derek Cardigan glasses in particular have a lightness to them thanks to their transparency, which also makes them a super versatile accessory.


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