Staff Spotlight: Lindsey


Name: Lindsey Seigo

Job Title: Executive Assistant

My favorite Coastal memory is: Over the past 6 years I have had many favorite memories, however the one that stands out the most is meeting Britney Spears in LA this past November. I have been a huge fan of her since middle school so it was a real dream come true.

I choose my style of glasses based on: My mood and what I’m wearing that day. I am very big on accessories and have a wide range to accommodate to my looks. I have sporty glasses, sophisticated and sassy ones for whatever mood I’m feeling.

I find style inspiration from: What I see in stores or shopping online. I love designers such a Tom Ford and Valentino, I really love their collections. I don’t really read fashion magazines or follow blogs so I could never tell you what’s hot right now. I buy and wear items that speak to me and I wear clothes that make me feel good! If I put the pieces together and they look good, that’s a bonus!

My favorite song right now is: BEYONCE! She is a whole lotta woman! I picked up her CD last week and have Partition on repeat.

On my down time, I often like to: Go to CrossFit, hot yoga, trail running with my Golden Retriever, Sadie and chilling out at home.


staff spotlight - lindsey



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