Sport Luxe Glasses: Trending Now


Sport Luxe: Trending Now

Sport luxe is a hot new trend that has emerged from the runways and is now seen strutting down the streets. With the Fall season lending to extended walks around town to take in the fresh crisp air, this hot trend is the perfect way to combine your active style with your personal style.

From platform high tops to chiffon hoodies, this trend illustrates how both comfort and style can now live in blissful harmony.

The sport luxe trend can similarly be seen in glasses designs by such sporty eyewear brands as Ray-Ban, Nike and Oakely. Along with continuing to design frames with a focus on durability and comfort, these brands have also taken elements of the sport luxe trend, such as unique detailing, fun colors and more feminine shapes, and incorporated them into their designs.

To infuse your glasses wardrobe with the essence of this sport luxe trend, check out these popular sport luxe glasses styles.

Sport Luxe Glasses

Oakley Pendant 4.0 Tortoise Cream

Ray-Ban 6217 2509 Black-Azure Rubber Temple

Nike 7005 500 Wild Violet

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