Skyfall: Q's Glasses


James Bond is back in 2012’s Skyfall, the twenty-third film in the Bond series. Daniel Craig, who has perfected the impeccable style and slick persona that Bond is known for, has been given the coveted position of playing Mr. Bond in the last three films. Skyfall also sees the return of a key character, Q, who leads the fictional research and development division of the British Secret Service.

Q, who has been portrayed by such actors as Peter Burton in 1962’s Dr. No and John Cleese in 2002’s Die Another Day, is given a breath of fresh air (and a new pair of glasses) thanks to the introduction of English actor, Ben Whishaw. Q’s look has changed over the years with each actor influencing the character’s inquisitive aura. This year, the introduction of Q’s glasses helps give the character a modern edge while still adding to his historically intellectual nature.

If Q’s glasses style in Skyfall peaked your interest, why not try accessorizing with a similar style? The vintage-inspired look of Q’s glasses is completely on trend with a striking two-toned effect and bold Retro-Wingtip design. The Derek Cardigan eyeglasses brand, which features unique math symbol accents, features a nearly identical style to Q’s glasses from Skyfall.

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