#SeeClearly Road Trip | Meet Terry

Meeting Stafford meant that we also had the chance to meet his wonderful wife, Terry. Her vibrant energy and selflessness were captivating, and we couldn’t wait to hear more about her exceptional journey.

Over the course of two days, Stafford and Terry shared the stories of their incredible lives with us. From visiting their home, to joining them for breakfast at their favourite coffee shop, we felt lucky to have met such a dynamic duo.


Meet Terry: a caregiver and devoted wife, Terry is the epitome of generosity. Her ability to appreciate the power of vision is unlike anything that we experienced. For Terry, the most incredible part about seeing clearly is the ability to connect with the ones that you love.

You don’t realize the power of vision until you start to lose it.


Like her husband, Terry’s love for her grandchildren knows no bounds. Putting on a pair of glasses and being able to see her grandchild has been one of her fondest memories.

How do you #SeeClearly? Join us on the journey.

Inspired to find your own eyewear story?

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