#SeeClearly Road Trip | Meet Taylor

It comes as no surprise that we fell in love with the refreshingly eclectic vibe of Portland, Oregon.

And while browsing the local shops, we found ourselves equally captivated by the effortless cool of its residents — like a pixie-haired, denim-vested, and round-spectacled sales associate named Taylor. We had to meet her and steal her style secrets.

Meet Taylor: An amateur photographer, sales associate, and newly-minted Oregonian, Taylor comes equipped with a great sense of style, an easy-going demeanour, and a love for seeing the beauty in the things that others often overlook.


As a photographer, Taylor’s ability to see the details in everything she encounters in Portland — from the buildings of the city to the trees of its local forests — is at the heart of the images that she captures and the stories behind them.


It was great to be able to see the buildings; to be able to experience them more fully.

Like all frustratingly cool people, Taylor couldn’t tell us where she got her amazing frames but said that, regardless, she loves them for their off-beat aesthetic. We have to agree.


How do you #SeeClearly? Join us on the journey.

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