#SeeClearly Road Trip | Meet Steven

San Francisco was one of our favourite stops along the journey.

While grabbing a quick brunch one morning, we noticed Steven at the table next to us. With a big smile and an even bigger personality, we had to say hello.


Meet Steven: a software engineer and easy-going Californian, his charisma and larger-than-life personality brightened our day.

Steven realized that he needed glasses at a young age, when viewing the world through a pair of lenses at the doctor’s office proved to make a profound difference. In that moment, Steven saw no blurriness – just clarity.

You don’t realize that [the Sydney Opera House] is made out of all of these different tiles. You don’t get a holistic view unless you have great vision behind that.


As a software engineer, eyewear plays a key role in Steven’s work. From designing new products to viewing a wide range of colors, his ability to see the finer details in his work is what makes him so great at what he does.

How do you #SeeClearly? Join us on the journey.

Inspired to find your own eyewear story?

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