#SeeClearly Road Trip | Meet Stafford

The next stop along our journey was beautiful Santa Barbara, California.

A chance encounter at a local wine bar led us to Stafford. We were immediately intrigued by his humble demeanor, and we knew we had to learn more about him.

Meet Stafford: a talented artist, skilled carpenter, and devoted husband, Stafford’s joie-de-vivre is infectious. Having discovered his need for glasses later in life, he was taken-aback by the details that he’d missed.


I make really intricate drawings, being able to see small [details] is really important.

Without clear vision, Stafford had gotten away from the things that he loved. His intricate drawings and fine carpentry entail an immense amount of precision, and the ability to see the finer details is imperative to his craft. With his first pair of glasses, Stafford was able to get back to what fulfills him most – his art.


At the heart of it all, experiencing moments with his loved ones is what Stafford cherishes most about his vision. When showing us a picture of his beautiful granddaughter, his love for her was tangible.

How do you #SeeClearly? Join us on the journey.

Inspired to find your own eyewear story?

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