Rihanna Glasses Style

Songstress, disrupter and provocateur, Rihanna has never shied away from a little controversy, or her share of bold and innovative fashion. With each album, which has now seemingly become an annual event, Rihanna presents a new version of herself – long, pixie, or cartoonish red hair, sophisticated, shocking or avant-garde fashion – while holding on to the essential authenticity that defines her.

While she jet-sets across the globe, the average 9 to 5-er may not be able to take the risks that Rihanna can, but we can take inspiration from her style and find ways to incorporate pieces into our existing wardrobe.

One of Rihanna’s key pieces is her evolving glasses style. Vogue.com recently featured images from her most recent tour with notes from her stylist, Mel Ottenberg, commenting on each look; most of her styles included both new and vintage eyewear pieces. Rihanna’s style demonstrates that glasses present and opportunity to change your look to suit the mood, occasion or day. Take a cue from her brazen style and feel free to experiment with different shapes, colors and eras.

From photo shoots to street style, different and daring glasses shapes look as great on Rihanna as her chosen hair color of the day.

For everyday looks Rihanna selects sunglasses that include classic aviators, Retro-Wingtips and round oversized shapes. Never one to shy away from emerging trends, one of her most memorable looks have included unique round glasses with pearl accents.

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