Reinvent your Eyestyle: Katherine Penfold

Our style ambassador, Katherine Penfold, loves the idea of reinventing your eyestyle and she has graciously given us her tips and advice on how to do so. First tip: “I try to match my glasses to a smaller accent in my look, not my largest color or item of clothing I’m wearing. This way, it helps “pop” that smaller accent a little more, and creates a balance.”


How do glasses impact your style choices? I love black, whites and grays and not much color. I find that my different frames allow me to keep within the colors I love because the glasses are my accent.

Why are glasses such an amazing fashion accessory? You can change your look so quickly with a change of frames. Whether I’m feeling cozy, bold and outgoing, or have my business-woman “face” on, there are a pair of glasses that complete my outfit better than any necklace or ring.

What’s your number one New Year Resolution? To create the best me possible for 2015 – personally and career-wise.

How did your career in the music industry begin? When I was 14 I began singing Folk/Celtic music with my teacher (who was also a Maritimer), and our band toured around; teaching me things I would never have learned in school. It set me up perfectly to run my own music career.

What do you love most about being in the music industry? It’s such a broad landscape of concepts, choices and opportunities. There’s no one-way to get my name out there, which means I can be myself, be as creative as I want, and go with my gut when it comes to the future… it’s looking very promising!


katherine look 1

A lot of my style is monochrome, but I have a secret love for fuchsia and purple. These glasses give me the perfect opportunity to bust out a vivacious color that lets me put some bold lipstick on as well.



katherine look 2

My go-to look: Blacks, whites and grays… these glasses fit into my wardrobe so perfectly. Plus, they’re big and over-stated: a style I can’t get enough of right now.



katherine look 3

I love these frames because they match what I’ve created in my home: natural colors, calm and cozy atmosphere.



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