Screen Time: How do you protect your eyes?

Hours spent in front of Harmful Blue Light can add up — especially if you work for 8 or more hours at a computer, and then stay glued to your phone after work. So we rounded up 8 top fashion bloggers to talk about the importance of keeping your eyes shielded in style with digital protection lenses.

To start, let’s define one of the key issues around digital protection: digital eye burn.

What is digital eye burn?

Your eyes require frequent changes in light and focus, but a digital screen close to your face provides neither. The result is dry, tired eyes, blurry vision, and anything from minor headaches to major migraines. So how do you prevent against these symptoms? We asked our intrepid bloggers to give us their top tips below.

How do you protect your eyes from digital eye burn?



Frames featured: Joseph Marc 4154 Lambert in Pewter

Jordan Taylor, petiteMODERN

Jordan works a regular 9 to 5 job, on top of being the creative force behind her blog, petiteMODERN. How does she make sure she doesn’t overwhelm her eyes in front of endless screens?

“I have to remember to take frequent breaks from my computer, taking walks around the block (sans phone).”



Frames featured: Joseph Marc 4114 in Havana

Veronika Novotny, Girl & Closet

Veronika of Girl & Closet also recommends time away from digital devices, but has a game plan ready for when a break just isn’t an option:

“I’m never without my digital protection BlueReflect™ glasses! They’re honestly such a life saver when I’m working on blog content or tight deadlines.”

What do you look for in a pair of digital protection glasses?



Frames featured: Kam Dhillon 3096 Cassis in Gachala Green

Katie Shelton, Skunkboy

Katie, from the lifestyle & fashion blog Skunkboy, knows exactly what wants from her digital protection (and all eyewear):

“Comfort is everything to me! If I’m parked in front of my computer answering emails or editing photos, frames that are lightweight and sit properly on top of my ears are everything!”



Frames featured: Kam Dhillon 3096 Cassis in Tortoise

Kristen Uekermann, The Boston Fashionista

Kristen Uekerman from The Boston Fashionista was a first-time prescription glasses wearer who quickly identified some of her biggest fit requirements:

“It took me a bit to decide on what I needed in frames. I liked that Coastal had such a wide variety – I could search out glasses that fit across the bridge of my nose, that were lightweight, and that were both durable and stylish!”

What do you love about your digital protection glasses from Coastal?



Frames featured: Kam Dhillon 3061 in Havana

Cortney Dryden, Cort in Session

With long days spent in front of one screen or another, what Cortney loves most about her glasses goes beyond fashion:

“Thanks to my Coastal glasses, I can finally block the Harmful HEV Blue Light and make it through a full day without a headache.”



Frames featured: Love L767 in Blush Petal

Jamie Gernert, Work Your Closet

Jamie Gernert from Work Your Closet reminds us that style and selection still matters, too:

“I love the look of them. Plus, the variety Coastal has is pretty unreal.”

What upcoming eyewear trends are you most excited about?


Frames featured: Love L769 in Tokyo Tortoise

Lauren Sheriff, Basic Babe

Lauren Sheriff from Basic Babe is already rocking her most-loved style of the year:

“I love how big circle glasses are back in! It’s one of my favourite glasses styles besides Cat Eye.”



Frames featured: Joseph Marc Theorem in Gold

Raeann Langas, Rae Everyday

Rae agrees, although she likes her rounded frames with more of a twist:

“I love round frames that have more of a retro feel. I am also loving the clear frame trend!”


Here’s how to get your own pair of digital protection glasses:

1. Use MyFit to find a pair of frames that fit.

2. Click “Add Lenses” at the top righthand corner.

3. Enter your prescription.

4. Choose how you want to use your glasses (distance, reading, or multifocal).

5. Add BlueReflect™ for digital screens.

Note: BlueReflect™ may not be available for all prescriptions. Please contact us at 1-866-333-6888 if you’re having trouble and want one-on-one assistance.


Want to know more about digital protection?



Ready to find your next pair?






Looking for more information on how to find your perfect pair of glasses?

Our Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses provides more information on tailoring your frame to ensure the perfect fit, shopping by frame type, and tips for complementing your eyewear to your hair and eye color, and skin tone.


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