Prescription Sunglasses: Finding the Perfect Pair


Now that sunnier days are within reach it’s time to start thinking about expanding your summer wardrobe with prescription sunglasses for every occasion and mood. No longer relegated to fit over sunglasses, prescription glasses wearers now have a great selection of designer frames ready to be transformed into stylish sunglasses with gray or brown tinting.

How to Get the Perfect Pair

Need a little extra help on how to turn our eyeglasses frames into prescription sunglasses?

Round and Retro-Wingtip styles, Cat eye glasses and vintage-inspired designs all make appealing prescription sunglasses and offer a great way to try out some of this Spring and Summer’s trends through your eyewear.

Dare to Go Round


Rounder eyeglasses are back and prescription sunglasses provide a great opportunity to dip back into this shape if you’ve been focused on Retro-Wingtip and rectangular styles the past few years.

Try a Cat Eye



Elegant cat eye frames have never been more stylish, and look fantastic in sleek black or with a color pop as prescription sunglasses.

Get Oversized

The ever popular oversized shape make ideal prescription sunglasses for both their coverage and style.

Throw on a


s are universally appealing and can range from the classic shape to a blend of Retro-Wingtip with more rounded and rectangular angles.

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