Popular glasses frames in the USA


Whether you’re looking for foundational pieces in your glasses wardrobe, or are looking for your next breakout look, we scoured the US to find the top trending glasses frame shapes and colors. And when you’re ready to find your ideal style by hue, shape, or face shape, remember to check out Our Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses to help you make the perfect optical purchase.

The most popular glasses frames in the USA

A perfect complement | Classic glasses colors get a frame refresh


While the classics — black, tortoise, brown, or gray — are still king, metal, clear, and blue are on the rise. What can you get from these key hues? An instant update that can transform any style and suite any mood. 72.35% of Americans choose these four shades that can be formed into endless designs and shapes, from aviator, cat eye, D-Frame to round and rectangle.

Breakout states | The return of 90s style metal frames

Metal is back and the first state trending to embrace its return is Montana where people are 1.6 times more likely to buy gold frames than the national average with DC, Alabama, Louisiana, and New York following. While acetate frames are always iconic, the return to metal in brushed, antiqued, and shinning materials are transforming eyewear shapes for a refreshing update. 

Going clear | Translucent eyewear’s trending appeal


Clear glasses frames have gone from a trending buzz to a new neutral. These pristine styles showcase eyewear frame shapes with unrestricted views of your features. This multidimensional look is already most popular in North Dakota and New Mexico, with California and New York following right behind.

Most popular in: North Dakota, New Mexico, Alaska, Montana, New York

New classics | Universal frame shapes & timeless glasses colors 


Blue glasses frames own 7.54% of glasses sales in the USA, with South Dakota leading the charge. Those ready to move away from the safety of a black frame can find highly flattering styles from translucent to deep navy acetates.

Most popular in: South Dakota, Montana, Nebraska, and North Dakota


Meanwhile, in Alaska people buy purple frames nearly 3 times the national average.

The #1 ranked states for each frame color

Black: HI – 35.33%, Tortoise: AL – 25.05%, Brown: MS – 18.54%, Grey: WY – 13.82%, Blue: SD – 10.94%, Green: SD – 7.81%, Red: ID – 6.32%, Purple: AK – 6.00%, Pink: SD – 5.21%, Gold: MT – 3.24%, Clear: ND – 1.85%, White: NE – 1.78%, and Orange: KY – 0.18%

Shape shifters | The most popular glasses frames


Rectangle glasses frames are holding strong as the most popular frame shape with 50% of sales in every state with the exception of Indiana, Oregon, Alabama, Rhode Island, Colorado, and New York. DC is ahead of the curve when it comes to round styles 50% above the national average. Aviator frames rule in Massachusetts with sales 32% above anywhere else in the US, with Maryland, California, New York, and Rhode Island close behind.


Rectangle: North Dakota, Alaska, South Dakota, Kansas, New Hampshire

Oval: Missouri, Minnesota, Idaho, Arkansas, and Florida

D-Frame: New Mexico, Michigan, West Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania

Round: DC, Arkansas, Louisiana, New York, and Oregon

Cat Eye: Wyoming, Indiana, Vermont, DC, and New Mexico

Aviator: Massachusetts, Maryland, California, New York, and Rhode Island


The #1 ranked states for each frame shape

Rectangle: ND – 62.59%, D-frame: RI – 19.50%, Cat Eye: WY – 15.67%, Round: DC – 11.46%, Oval: VT – 11.38%, Aviators: MA – 2.64%

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