Nike Glasses: Menswear Day Off Look

This week we want to style the perfect lazy day look for guys while still staying stylish. We feature our black tortoise Nike glasses for a sporty and smart look. The tortoise print centers at the bottom right of the frame, giving the glasses more texture and contrast in comparison to an all-over tortoise print.

The Outfit

Guys, when we say it’s for your days off, we mean it. This is why we chose a pair of comfortable trousers in dark charcoal gray (meaning it will go with any other sweater or t-shirt in your closet), and a similarly easy-to-match casual blazer. We add color with a dark purple turtleneck to give the outfit some energy. You can interchange with different colored tops to get totally new looks. Think navy or black (for a monotone) look – super easy!

The Accessories

We went for subtle and sporty accessories for this casual look. A sleek Movado Museum stainless steel watch and a Ben Minkoff messenger bag gives the look classic style. Just carrying your wallet with you? Skip the bag! For your shoes, we suggest wearing tough boots like the ones we picked from Steve Madden. Plus, they have no laces! Perfect for those lazy days to slip on a pair of shoes and just go.

To complete the look, pick up a pair of our black tortoise Nike glasses, the details make them multi-functional: great to dress up everyday looks like jeans and a t-shirt, or they can smarten up a work look as well!


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