Natural Eye Makeup for Glasses

When it comes to the perfect eye makeup application for colorful eyeglasses, it’s imperative to remember that less is more. A natural, no fuss makeup look acts as the perfect canvas for eyeglasses that hold a serious punch of color.

Learn how to apply natural eye makeup for glasses by watching the video above.

We also asked makeup and hair stylist, Anya Ellis, to share her top three makeup tips that will brighten your eyes for a natural look.

  1. Use a tiny bit of metallic
  2. Curl your eyelashes
  3. Use a good mascara

An eyeshadow palette featuring soft peaches and blushes as well as shimmery golds and silvers is the ideal collection of colors to accomplish the perfect natural eye makeup. As for your eyeglasses, now is the perfect opportunity to let your natural eye makeup shine with bold, lively eyeglasses designs.

Cool Blue & Cherry Red

If you have green or blue eyes, enhance their natural color by selecting glasses with a similar hue.

If you have darker skin or an olive tone, bright vibrant colors are made for you so try cherry red or rosy pink eyeglasses.

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