Music Festival Sunglasses + Street Style

If there is a must-have accessory for music festival season, it’s hard to argue that it’s anything but Music festival sunglasses. They’re an essential part of your wardrobe checklist when making sure you’re ready for an all day/all weekend music festival. We were lucky enough to catch several fests this summer and at the latest we snapped some pictures of some concert-goers in their music festival gear and their sunglasses style.

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Round sunglasses were the dominant style at the latest festival we attended along with classic Retro-Wingtip shaped sunglasses. Round sunglasses were spotted in a cool mint green as well as in classic black which adds to the vintage appeal of the design. sunglasses, always a classic where ever you go, were a huge trend at music festivals with their flattering shape. Not to forget Ray-Ban aviators with mirrored lenses which are also a top pick during the outdoor festivals.

If you’ve got plans on going to those last few festivals of the season, make sure you’re prepared with the right pair of sunglasses.

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