Movember: When Glasses Meet Staches

Do as all men do and start this November off with a clean slate, at least when it comes to your facial hair. Men around the world take this time to transform from baby face to hairy face with the goal of raising awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives.

Not sure what stache style screams you this Movember? Why not let your glasses help make the decision for you.

If you’re sporting the bold Retro-Wingtip look, opting for a petite stache for Movember is simply not an option. Go big or go home with a horseshoe mustache that’s just as bold as these two-toned Retro-Wingtip glasses.

If you like glasses that play with texture, why not give your stache the same amount of freedom? The unique striated pattern of these Retro-Wingtips is mimicked with a mo that’s slightly disheveled, such as the shaggy chevron.

If the sleek design of semi-rimless glasses is your go to look, why not choose a stache that exudes the same no fuss aura. The fine lines of the painter’s brush stache makes this mo the ideal companion to your minimalist Movember style.

If you’re channeling a vintage vibe with your glasses, its important to choose a stache that has the same historical prowess. The strong browline detailing of these glasses is perfectly paired with the manicured lines of the curvy handlebar mustache.

Let’s not forget that there is more to the mo! To help your fundraising efforts, do like we did and create a personal Movember account where friends and family can donate in support of your masterful mustache mission.

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