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Something happened in our workplace over the past few months, with the addition of The Mindy Project’s first two seasons to Netflix, the small base of our staff who were into Mindy Kaling’s hilarious show has exploded to an all out obsession at the office. Along with the great Mindy and Danny love story, part of the appeal of the show are the great fashion looks, most notably for us with Mindy Kaling’s glasses style.

Style Snapshot | Mindy Kaling’s Glasses Style


Finding a show centering around stylish, intelligent, and hilarious woman is a pretty rare combo, but we should have expected no less from Mindy after both writing and acting in the US edition of The Office, among her other achievements. Now in its third season, The Mindy Project has returned with a bang, focusing on new relationships and continuing craziness at Shulman & Associates.

Vogue.com notes that “Kaling is the latest in a long line of exuberantly dressed television comediennes, including Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett (Bob Mackie designed all the costumes for Burnett’s 1970s show), for whom clothing equals comedic currency”. We’re sharing some of our favorite Mindy Kaling glasses styles and picking some so that we can emulate her style.

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Go for bold and don’t be afraid of pattern when channeling the glasses styles featured on The Mindy Project, and on Mindy’s own Instagram page.





And, of course, let’s not forget about the enduring fascination with Danny Castellano’s reading glasses!



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