Meryl Streep Glasses: Style Icon


We’ve heard through the grapevine that Oscar winner Meryl Streep has been offered a role a little out of the norm of her previous roles. As huge fans of the amazing actress, we would love to see Meryl as one of the cast mates in “The Expendabelles” – the female-only version of the adrenaline-filled “The Expendables”. Meryl Streep has the undeniable gift of being able to pull off any role that is thrown at her and we have no doubt this will be another one of those roles.

Just like all her movie roles, Meryl has the ability to pull of different styles of glasses when on the red carpet. We LOVE Meryl which is quite fitting seeing as how her glasses choices are perfect matches to several frames available in our exclusive Love glasses collection.

Meryl Streep is a legend with amazing style and grace. Get a little closer to her red carpet looks with our exclusive Love glasses collection.


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