Meet Marie-Michelle | Style Ambassador


As someone who used to sketch fashion outfits everywhere she went, it became clear to Marie-Michelle at an early age that she was meant to be an artist. Now a full-time designer, she enjoys sharing her style as well as artwork on her fashion blog

Name: Marie-Michelle

Blog & Instagram: & @coloursnbeyond

Home Base: Quebec, Canada

Current Occupation: Graphic Designer

I applied to become a style ambassador because: I’ve always been into anything fashion-related and style is high on my priority list. To me, glasses can be as stylish as a bold glamorous necklace or designer purse, and I want people to see the potential in them.

Meet Marie-Michelle | Style Ambassador

My friend made me notice the other day that I’m a girl who creates trends rather than follows them. I love trying new styles and am inspired by bold and unexpected outfits.

I would describe my personal style as: Quirky, affordable and ever-evolving.

My glasses collection consists of __ pairs of frames: 4.

If I could be stuck in an elevator with anyone, it would be: Jack Savoretti and his guitar. Yes, let’s say Mr. Savoretti. He’d sure find a way to make me forget the meaning of claustrophobia.

Glasses are an amazing accessory because: They instantly add personality to any outfit! And they come in so many great shapes and colors.

Meet Marie-Michelle | Style Ambassador

The best way to organize a closet is: By type. I also have a rolling rack in my bedroom where, on a weekly basis, I put together outfits that I plan on wearing – I know how freaky it may sound, but it’s super practical and it allows me to have a creative time with my closet!

A tip to picking out the perfect pair of frames is: Find a style that you like and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. You might be surprised by the amount of compliments you will get.

Meet Marie-Michelle | Style Ambassador

I chose this pair of glasses because I already own everyday casual frames that I can wear with almost anything. I wanted more outstanding stylish glasses that instantly bring an effortless ‘wow’ factor.

My favorite fashion trend of the moment is: Overalls and shift dresses!

Some favorite boutiques in my area are: 1861, ATD Boutique Atelier, Urban Outfitters.

My favorite online source for style inspiration is: Pinterest and blogs. Lots and lots of blogs. I also find myself inspired by newsletters I receive from my favorite brands! You just have to be selective to avoid having your inbox filled with junk.

Meet Marie-Michelle | Style Ambassador

My favorite fashion blogger is: It’s hard to pick only one, but Katie, from is a real inspiration on so many levels.

Buying the same piece of clothing in multiple colors, yay or nay?: Nay. Unless we’re talking about basics.

Favorite city to go shopping is: Montreal is great for several reasons, but also because it’s close to where I live. In my dearest dreams, San Francisco sounds like a good plan too!

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