Meet Jessica H | Style Ambassador


Jessica caught our eye on social media when she paired her Derek Cardigan glasses with a beautiful bold lip and matching eyeshadow. It was clear she had a knack for amazing bold makeup which pairs perfectly with our cat eye Derek Cardigan 7005 glasses.

Name: Jessica Haze

Blog: @jessicahazemua

Home base: Ferndale Michigan originally from Gold Coast, Australia.

Current occupation: Makeup artist

I applied to become a style ambassador because: I absolutely love the frames that sell, I’m constantly getting asked where I purchase my frames so becoming a style ambassador allows me to share my secrets.

jessica style amby

My favorite fashion trend of the moment is: Bold lipstick!

If I could be stuck in an elevator with anyone, it would be: Pat McGrath. She is my biggest inspiration as a makeup artist and I would just love to pick her brain.

I would describe my personal style as: I think of my style as a mixture of all the phases I went through as an adolescent. A little bit hippy, a little punk rock, and a little goth.

jessica glasses


I chose this pair of glasses because these glasses are the perfect shape to show off eye makeup! They go with a variety of styles, they’re feminine and edgy at the same time.


The best way to organize a closet is: I wish I knew! My closet is a nightmare, I should stop buying so much black!

A tip on picking out the perfect pair of frames is: choose what makes you feel good. Frames are instant style!

My current style muse is: Stevie Nicks



My glasses collection consists of 7 pairs of frames. Frames are like shoes! You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit, so having multiple pairs for different styles is a must!


My favorite online source for style inspiration is: Instagram! I love this hub of daily inspiration, I follow a lot of makeup artists and stylists so I’m always feeling fresh and inspired!

Some favorite boutiques in my area are: Saffron in Royal Oak is my go to store. They have the best blend of boho chic with a rock and roll twist. My velvet burnout kimono is from saffron @shopsaffron

A social media platform or app that I can’t get enough of is: Instagram, of course! I use instagram as a makeup blog and love sharing creative looks with my followers.



Glasses are amazing because they can really tie a whole outfit together and they’re a great way to show personal style.


My go-to drink at Starbucks is: Short triple soy latte

My favorite fashion blogger is: Eugenie Grey @feralcreature on IG

Buying the same piece of clothing in multiple colors, yay or nay? Yay! I can’t get enough sheer cami tops from TopShop and high waisted Levi’s.

Favorite city to go shopping is: Melbourne Australia!


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