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We first met Hayley when we fell in love with her makeup skills and her Makeup for Glasses series on her YouTube channel, PassionKassel. (Check out her makeup look that complements her glasses above!) When asked why she applied to be a style ambassador, she said “I love how glasses can really amp up any look, and I also like to show how women/men can wear many different kinds of makeup looks while incorporating their favorite glasses.” As a professional makeup artist, Hayley’s the pro when it comes to creating new looks using colors and accessories.

Name:  Hayley Kassel

Nickname: Habe or Bub

YouTube & Instagram: PassionKassel & @hkassel

Home base: Chicago

Current occupation: Professional Makeup Artist


I chose this pair of glasses for my starter kit because:  Colored frames are so in right now! I now have a black pair, Fuschia, and purple!

My glasses collection consists of _ pairs of frames: 3

My favorite fashion trend of the moment is:  The buzzed hair trend, whether it’s completely buzzed, half buzzed, or mohawk!

If I could be stuck in an elevator with anyone, it would be: John Lennon

I would describe my personal style as: Eclectic and comfy

My go-to drink at Starbucks is: Skinny Vanilla Latte


Glasses are an amazing accessory because: They can really change up any look! Also! They hide dark circles very well : )

The best way to organize a closet is: By color or by what type of clothing. (Ex. Blouses, Long Dresses, short dresses, blazers, etc)

A tip on picking out the perfect pair of frames is: Try to pick out shapes you don’t have, and step outside your comfort zone! You might really like something you thought you would never buy.



My current style muse is: Coco Rocha

My favorite online source for style inspiration is: Pinterest

Some favourite boutiques in my area are: Ragstock and Fashion Tomato

A social media platform or app that I can’t get enough of is: INSTAGRAM!  @hkassel

Buying the same piece of clothing in multiple colors, yay or nay?  YYYAAAYYY

Favorite city to go shopping is: Chicago : )



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