Meet Alanna | Style Ambassador


As someone who has always been interested in fashion and the latest trends, you will typically find Alanna either planning outfits for the week or face-deep in a fashion magazine. Alanna further explains that “fashion has always been a part of my life. When I got pregnant and became a momma, I needed to find a way to express myself and give myself ‘mommy’ time. My husband suggested a fashion blog, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It allows me to engage with my passion for fashion and be an awesome mom!”

Meet Alanna | Style Ambassador

Name: Alanna Durkovich

Home base: Langley, Canada

Current occupation: Stay-at-home momma and personal style blogger


My glasses collection consists of ___ pairs of frames: 5

Meet Alanna | Style Ambassador

I chose this pair of glasses because I’ve never found a pair of Ray-Bans that I haven’t liked, and the colored-frame matches my hair!

Glasses are an amazing accessory because: They are masters of diversion. Everybody gets those days when your eye-bags are vastly puffed or a pimple breakout occurs. Those are the days when glasses become your best friend and most-skilled distraction. All people will notice are your spunky Phillip Lim’s or oversized Balenciaga’s.

A tip on picking out the perfect pair of frames is: Don’t be intimidated by a certain style or shade. Experiment and try on a wide array of frames, especially one’s that you wouldn’t typically choose. You may be pleasantly surprised!

Meet Alanna | Style Ambassador

I applied to become a style ambassador because fashion is a daily part of my life, and an important detail is eyewear. is my favorite stop for glasses, so when the opportunity arose, I quickly applied.

My favorite online source for style inspiration is: It’s the go-to place for people around the world who are fashion-loving; inspiration is inevitable!

The best way to organize a closet is: To organize by style, then sort by color.

Buying the same piece of clothing in multiple colors, yay or nay? If you love something, don’t set it free; possess it in all hues.

My favorite fashion trend of the moment is: Pastels and midi skirts.

If I could be stuck in an elevator with anyone, it would be: Leandra Medin, the mastermind behind “The Man Repeller”. I’ll use the clasp on my overalls and she’ll use a studded bracelet off her ‘arm party’, and we’ll devise a plan of escape while babbling about trends.

Meet Alanna | Style Ambassador

I would describe my personal style as quirky, playful and extremely dynamic. I can be anywhere between urban/streetwear to preppy/feminine — however, one unvarying aspect is vintage. In every look, there is at least one piece that’s been pre-loved.

A social media platform or app that I can’t get enough of is: Instagram – #unhealthy #obsession.

My current style muse is: Natasha Goldenberg. She’s a Russian designer, stylist and mom! She’s always wearing a fantastic head piece and her looks are flawless — I bow down.

My favorite fashion blogger is: How Two Live — two Aussie sisters whose style is bright, bold and oh so eclectic. They’re the type of girls you would want to be best friends with.

Favorite city to go shopping is: Any small town. That’s where you find the best vintage treasures!

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