Meet Adam | Style Ambassador


“Whatever the moment, always look sharp” is Adam’s go-to style advice. Currently an accountant and a soon to be Law graduate, Adam finds himself constantly pushing the boundaries of conservative fashion. Adam further explains that “color, patterns or textures, one element always makes its way into all my outfits, whether I’m dressed for a financial presentation or headed into the courtroom. And the same mantra guides me on the weekends too. But the cornerstone of my outfits? The glasses, of course.”

Meet Adam: Style Ambassador

Meet Adam

Name & Nickname: Adam J. Reid | Senator


Home base: Atlanta, GA

I applied to become a style ambassador because: I love glasses and I love fashion, it’s a perfect fit.

I chose this pair of glasses for my Style Ambassador starter kit because: I wanted to try really large frames, I don’t have any close to this size

My glasses collection consists of ___ pairs of frames: 11

My favorite fashion trend of the moment is: Bow ties

If I could be stuck in an elevator with anyone, it would be: Donald Glover

I would describe my personal style as: Business fresh

My go-to drink at Starbucks is: Black & white mocha

Glasses are an amazing accessory because: It’s the first thing people usually notice, so it’s the first statement you can make.

The best way to organize a closet is: By item, then by color

A tip on picking out the perfect pair of frames is: Think about versatility, then about the statement they make about you.

My current style muse is: Chuck Bass

My favorite online source for style inspiration is: I really just do my own thing, that may sound arrogant, but I like to set my own trends.

Some favorite boutiques in my area are: Haven’t found a local one, but I’m obsessed with Frank & Oak and Jack Threads

A social media platform or app that I can’t get enough of is: Twitter

My favorite fashion blogger is: The Square Blog,

Buying the same piece of clothing in multiple colors, yay or nay? Absolutely yay!

Favorite city to go shopping is: New York City

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