Nerdy Glasses: Math Symbols


Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to what’s hot in eyeglasses fashion by latching on to the latest trend, math symbol glasses. Our editors take note of vintage inspired nerdy glasses brand, Derek Cardigan, as it’s the first to feature quirky accents on the temples of their eyeglasses with multiplication and division symbols. Though small in stature, such intelligently designed accents create a lasting impression when it comes to highlighting individual style.

Nerdy glasses have taken the fashion world by storm, and the Derek Cardigan brand has accomplished the amazing feat of giving this style a breath of fresh air with their quirky math symbol accents. Wearing nerdy glasses that feature unique accents like math symbol glasses is also the perfect way to accessorize a confident look without being too overt.

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to shopping for a pair of math symbol glasses, our editors have hand picked their favorite math symbol glasses by nerdy glasses brand, Derek Cardigan.

Editors’ Picks

If you’re looking for a fresh new way to inject a little uniqueness into your glasses wardrobe, don’t just stop at nerdy glasses, take things to the next level with math symbol glasses that feature nerdy accents like multiplication and division symbols.

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