Mad Men Style


Through the fascination of 1960s America, the Mad Men series has highlighted a few trends in eyewear fashion and brought these vintage glasses styles back to life. If you’re thinking horn-rimmed, tortoiseshell, retro, vintage or two-toned styles, you might as well be brainstorming the next big advertising campaign with Don Draper in is Madison Avenue office.

To shed a little light on why these trends have so effortlessly made a comeback, we asked Derek Desierto, designer for the Derek Cardigan vintage inspired eyewear line, to share his expertise on the styling behind each of these leading characters.

Harry Crane – Clubmaster Style

Harry Crane (Rich Sommer), head of Sterling Cooper’s television department, is known not only for his extensive bow tie collection, but for his evolving vintage glasses collection as well. Seen here wearing the classic clubmaster style, Derek explains “to pull off this look it’s important that the strong brow line of the glasses sits lower than your natural brow line.”

Lane Pryce – Round Style

Lane Pryce (Jared Harris) not only features the lone British accent on Mad Men, but also paves the path for bold round frames featuring a tortoiseshell print and keyhole nose bridge. Derek notes that “a keyhole cutout is the perfect way to bring vintage into 2012.”

Joan Harris – Cateye Style

Make a statement with feminine cateye glasses similar to office manager and head of the secretarial pool on Mad Men, Joan Harris (Christina Hendricks). Derek highlights that this “retro-glam style was making a serious comeback near the end of last year, so it’s no surprise this style is taking over 2012.”

Roger Sterling – Style

Roger Sterling (John Slattery), whose overconfidence on Mad Men is almost infectious, is styled with a strong pair of classic black Retro-Wingtips. Derek explains how this look has transformed into what is now known as the new geek style which focuses on “the same Retro-Wingtip look but are smaller in design and feature richer tones.”

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