Looking Smart with Vintage Reading Glasses


Do “smart looking” and “vintage” work well together when it comes to reading glasses? At Coastal.com, we think they’re a perfect pair! Although you may think of reading glasses as plain eyeglasses with little style, there are many cool vintage reading glasses styles out there today. With trendy reading glasses on, not only will you be able to read clearly, but also manage to look very smart and attractive.

If you still think reading glasses are uncool, you may have to change your mind after checking out these frames.

These playful looking women’s  reading glasses have a purple lower frame and a flecked chocolate brown upper frame and temples. The traditional 1950s horn-rimmed glasses style has been brought up to date with these funky frames, which are an excellent choice for your new reading glasses.

Be bold with these fun pink reading glasses. The classic Retro-Wingtip style and acetate frame are sure to make a bold statement. You’ll be complimented on both your intelligence and style when you choose these whimsical frames.

This beautiful cat eye frame style for women is a callback to the vintage reading glasses of the 1960s. Look gorgeous as you read with this modern and avant-garde take on a classic retro style.

These cool Vintage reading glasses have milky brown acetate frame that exude a warm and retro vibe. With two silver studs on the temples and a keyhole cutout at the bridge of the nose, these frames will give you a smart and striking appearance.

Vintage reading glasses are really the ultimate style accessory. They have the ability to make you look stylish and smart at the same time. If you need a new pair of prescription reading glasses, consider a retro style that exudes intelligence.


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