Leah Melby: Curated Collection

Leah Melby moved to the world of online media after an early start at a print magazine and hasn’t looked back since. She’s currently a member of the fashion team at POPSUGAR where she works on seasonal trend guides, shopping stories, and celebrity style coverage. Previously, she handled all online fashion content at ELLE.com.

Rather than seeing fashion as something that exists in an elite stratosphere available to the few, Leah Melby looks at it as a purely individual thing anyone can tap into. She counts accessories — which includes glasses — as an important part of the entire style equation, admitting her weak prescription for a simple astigmatism hasn’t kept her from owning three different pairs of specs.

From modern translucent frames to vintage cat-eye styles, now you can shop Leah Melby’s favorite glasses styles from Coastal.com by browsing her curated glasses collection.

The Inside Scoop

Name: Leah Melby

Occupation: Fashion Editor

By day you can find me: Hitting market appointments to look at upcoming seasons of clothes and accessories or working in the office on trend roundups or celebrity style pieces.

And by night: If I’m good, pilates class. If I’m bad, laying with my dog and boyfriend on the couch, watching Netflix.

My go-to accessory is: My father’s Tag Heuer watch from the ’80s. It’s probably older than I am, so it seems to stop working every other day. I’m worried I won’t be able to handle the day it finally dies.

My favorite season for fashion is: Fall! Jeans, booties, blazers layered over cashmere.

For creative inspiration, I: Troll social media. Images usually spark ideas for different formats to do stories or trends that we need to cover.

If I could turn back time and live in a different era, I’d choose the: ’60s for the fashion only. I love full midi skirts that hit at my natural waist and lady-like anything.

I’m most proud of: Making it in NYC.

The book I couldn’t put down was: The first in the Game of Thrones series. And then everyone subsequently.

Three things I must have in my work space: Highlighters, lip balm, a really high-functioning water cooler and plenty of ice.

Glasses style I love: The modified, ever-so-slight cat eye – it looks gorgeous on everyone and isn’t as gimmicky as full, exaggerated cat eye glasses can seem.

If I could, I would raid Victoria Beckham’s closet and take a Birkin (or 3).

The quote “You get more with sugar than you do with vinegar” has always stuck with me.

Leah Melby recommends having fun with your glasses and experimenting with sizes and color. As with anything fashion-related, Leah highlights the importance of fit, but encourages glasses wearers to avoid the temptation of reaching for the most basic pair you can find.


Photos courtesy of Nicole Sweet

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