Top Hair Trends for Summer 2015 | Lacy Redway, The Hair Guru

Gone are the days of that one statement haircut. Now, it’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and making a bold, yet temporary change. Whether adding colour through hair chalk, rocking a faux bob or changing the colour of your eyes to complement your hair – the possibilities are endless! Learn about the upcoming trends in hair this summer with celebrity hair stylist and Color Squad member, Lacy Redway.

Lacy - Hair Chalk

“Last year, ombre highlights were all the rage. In 2015, women are bringing back lighter colours closer to the roots of their hair. Chunkier and bolder highlighting technique will bring out brighter tones that will help frame a woman’s face. If you are afraid of colour, no worries! Try some fun, bold and colourful clip-on highlights that will give you an instant change and allow you to get a taste of how to #LiveinColor! Pair your new hair with AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses in subtle colours such as Pure Hazel, Blue or Green.”

Lacy - Out with the Beachy Waves

“Try this new, modern spin on the beach wave, which is all about a more natural and modern texture. You can achieve this look with simple tools like a flat iron or instead of a uniformed curl, by using a curling iron. Alternate sections while also grabbing random sections of hair. This effect will give you a more tousled look.”

Lacy - Dress up your pony 1

“The classic ponytail never goes out of style. Whether you’re going to the gym after work or out to dinner, the ponytail can easily transition from a casual day look to a sleek and chic style at night. An easy way to dress up your ponytail is to add a bit of texture or color to it. Add texture with a fun braid or a waving wand, or use fun and colourful hair chalks. Add another pop with color contact lenses, and enhance the natural and beautiful colour of your eyes!”

Lacy - Low Pony

“Hair accessories are a hot trend this summer. You can dress up any hairstyle just by adding a statement accessory or something that’s sturdy for a simple and unique touch. My favorite way to incorporate accessories is by adding a leather ribbon to any ponytail, braiding a ribbon or fabric into your braid or adding a statement clip to accent the back of your hairstyle. I also recommend adding AIR OPTIX® COLORS contact lenses in Gemstone Green and have your eyes sparkle along with your cool accessory.”

Lacy - Low Braid

“Whether you’re on vacation at the beach or just feel like changing your look up a bit, braids can do the trick. This style is good on both wet and dry hair and longer hair lengths. Start at the middle of your hair length or at the bottom of your neck, start braiding your hair then secure with an elastic. Once secured, use finger to loosen the braid for a more relaxed appeal.”

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