Lacoste Glasses: Graphic Pop

The Core Outfit

These Lacoste glasses boost up this fun and experimental look that we have selected this week. Summer is a great time for experimentation, and this Jonathan Saunders pencil skirt adds texture and graphic interest. The high waist of the skirt adds length to your legs, which allows for this loose mesh crop top providing a twist on a ladylike silhouette.

The Accessories

Aviator glasses are making a comeback, and these blue Lacoste glasses make a definite style statement. To add to this pop ensemble, Sophia Webster’s artistic clutch is sure to bring added character to this style. A simple pair of Zara heels with a delicate ankle strap completes the styling of this look.

The Makeup

Your pops of color can be integrated through your makeup and beauty products. Urban Decay offers a stunning array of shades, including a blue eyeliner that will make your eyes pop along with your Lacoste glasses. Use bronzer to shape your features and complete this style with blue nail polish to continue the fun theme of this style.


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