Joseph Marc Eyeglasses

Just like a good power suit, intelligently designed eyeglasses can go a long way. Joseph Marc glasses exude confidence through clean lines, rich textures and polished materials.

We asked our glasses designer and superstylist, Michelle Lane, why Joseph Marc glasses have taken over the boardrooms.

“A strong and deliberate eyeglasses style not only catches people’s attention, but is also the glue that keeps their attention. Joseph Marc glasses make a powerful statement about your confidence and potential, reiterating why you are a leader.”

Though the Joseph Marc name leads you to believe it’s eyeglasses only for men, there are a large variety of unisex eyeglasses styles. So, we also asked Michelle how the same Joseph Marc frame can work for men and women.

“Anyone can where a unisex style and own it if they remember that simplicity and fit are key. Joseph Marc 4071 Green Tortoise glasses are the perfect example of a sleek, no fuss frame with a Retro-Wingtip design that compliments almost every face shape.”

And when it comes to those post office cocktails, Michelle explains how Joseph Marc is the perfect co-worker.

“It’s amazing how a glasses style can transform with your mood. All of a sudden those strong powerful frames are ready to mingle.”

So if you find yourself stumbling over your thoughts in that big presentation, take a moment, compose yourself, and remember that you and your Joseph Marc glasses mean business… until the clock hits 5 of course.

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