John Varvatos: Sunglasses for Men


John Varvatos is an American Greek menswear designer whose style exudes ultimate cool. With a self confessed obsession with rock ‘n’ roll, John Varvatos sunglasses and clothing designs can be described as timeless with a hard edge.

John Varvatos

John Varvatos’ clothing line debuted in 2000 in New York, with his first luxury boutique opening in Soho. The John Varvatos brand now includes a variety of accessories such as belts, handbags and must-have John Varvatos sunglasses which are often spotted on rock and roll’s most esteemed.

Rock & Roll Style

From English musicians Paul Weller and Miles Kane (top left) to American punk band Green Day (top right) to Glasgow-based indie rockers Franz Ferdinand (bottom) to Gary Clark Jr., the future of Texas blues (main image), accessorizing with a pair of John Varatos sunglasses is a must in the world of rock ‘n roll.

Celebrity Style

John Varvatos sunglasses have also had their fair share of Hollywood celebrity sightings. True Blood’s Joe Manganiello is seen wearing John Varvatos V779 Black 53 sunglasses. This particular pair of John Varvatos sunglasses feature sharper angles than a traditional Retro-Wingtip design. Patrick Dempsey is also seen in the designers sunglasses, but opts for a rounder shape in clear plastic with his John Varvatos V774 Crystal 51 sunglasses. Translucent acetate sunglasses are trending big for summer 2013 as they offer a modern take on a classic design.

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