Jai Kudo Glasses: Sophisticated and Timeless


The Jai Kudo eyewear collection consists of comfortable and wearable contemporary designs which are also unique objects of personal expression.

The unisex brand appeals to those who like their eyewear to express their unique sense of style and individuality. With such sophisticated designs and frames, the Jai Kudo collection is perfect for your Monday to Friday look but versatile enough to wear on a night out.


The Jai Kudo glasses collection is made of clean lines and timeless elegance. With inspiration coming from all aspects of life, new ideas and designs are based of anything striking from noticeable accessories to textiles and gorgeous interiors. Comfort is key and functional strength and lightweight material come into play with Jai Kudo eyewear.

Editor’s Picks

Jai Kudo 1821 P08 Metallic Silver Navy

Jai Kudo 1840 P01 Black Gold

Jai Kudo 1852 P08 Stone


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