Indie Rock Style: Zerbin's Backstage Pass

While Zerbin was on the west coast part of their tour, The Look was able to hang out backstage before their performance at the Biltmore Cabaret. This rising indie rock band is made up of four young guys from Edmonton, Alberta whose stage style is worth mention.

Watch our interview with Zerbin above.

As we were backstage with Zerbin, the room filled with excitement and eagerness as we launched into conversations about indie rock style and how they see their own sense of style. When asked where he shops most and why, lead vocalist Jason Zerbin responded:

“My style is a lot from H&M because it’s fashionable and affordable.” Jason chose Derek Cardigan 7014 Black Ice glasses for the concert.

The next to talk about his indie rock style was the drummer, Nick, who said:

“My style? Comfortable. I was contemplating wearing suspenders and a tight shirt tonight, but then I was like, I don’t want to be uncomfortable when I play.” Nick chose Derek Cardigan 7010 Blackout glasses during the performance.

We then asked Derek, the bass guitarist, to tell us a little about his indie rock style and what he focuses on:

“My style is about love and value.” Derek chose Derek Cardigan 7014 Black Rootbeer glasses for the concert.

Peter, the lead guitarist of Zerbin, has a casual, effortless indie rock style and when asked what his role was for the evening, he responded:

“I play the sick melodies that you hear”. Peter wore Derek Cardigan 7014 Black Fade glasses to emphasize his indie rock style.

After a great meet and greet with this up and coming indie rock band, Zerbin took to the stage to a packed venue and did what they always do best – play amazing music.

Backstage Pass to Zerbin’s Indie Rock Style

Jason Zerbin – Lead Vocals

Nick West – Drums

Derek Gust – Bass

Peter Mol – Guitar

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