How To: Eye Makeup For Glasses

Eyeglasses and eye makeup are not mutually exclusive; each can complement the other very well if applied properly. Glasses usually draw attention to the eyes, making them the focus of your face, and eye makeup complements that effect to create your own unique look. Therefore, when applying eye makeup for glasses, you should avoid overly heavy makeup and concentrate on neat, clean and tidy makeup that gives definition to your eyes.

You can wear eye makeup in any way you are comfortable with when you are a glasses wearer. Here’s how to create a stunning look with your eye makeup for glasses…

1. Prime your eyelids: An eye shadow primer is the key to any long-lasting makeup look. Take the time to prep your lids with a primer to ensure any makeup you apply will stay put and not create a smudgy mess behind your frames.

2. Choose appropriate shadow colors: Glasses put the focus on your eyes and your eye shadow should either match or complement the color of the frame and lenses. You might also opt to stick to neutral shadow colors like browns, greys and taupe to let your frames stand out.

3. Give definition to your eyes: After you have applied eye shadow, the next step is to give definition to your eyes by applying mascara and eyeliner. Draw neat, clean and well-defined lines taking utmost care to avoid smudges. Well defined lines around your eyes create a dramatic effect under your glasses.

4. Open up your eyes with eyelash curlers: Eyes often appear smaller underneath the lenses of your glasses, so open them up using eyelash curlers. This makes your eyes appear wider and more alert. In addition to enhancing the appearance of your eyes, curled lashes also prevent your eyelashes from touching the lenses and causing smudging.

5. Define your eyebrows: You should pay special attention to your eyebrows when applying eye makeup for glasses as they play an important role in giving your face a well-proportioned and defined look. If you have very thick eyebrows, wax, pluck or thread them to appear neat and tidy. If they are too thin, then make them appear fuller by filling them in with a brow pencil or matte eye shadow that matches your brows.

Wearing eye makeup for glasses can draw attention to your eyes in a subtle way. Try out a few different eye makeup looks to find out which one works best with your frames!

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