How To: Choosing Glasses for Heart Face Shapes


It is no secret that wearing the right-shaped glasses can enhance your look. When choosing glasses, you should first know the shape of your face and then choose your glasses frames accordingly for the best fit.

If you have a face shape that is broader at the forehead and more narrow at the jaw line and chin, then you have a heart-shaped face. A heart face shape can be either long or round, but it begins with a wide forehead and gradually narrows down to a pointed chin often giving a sweet and cheerful look. Heart faced individuals can also appear flirty and sexy with the right makeup, hairstyle and glasses. Some of today’s most popular celebrities who have a heart-shaped face include Eva Longoria, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Reese Witherspoon and Zooey Deschanel.

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Fitting Tips

When choosing glasses for heart face shapes, here are some of the frame styles you should consider:

    1. Bottom-heavy frames: Since your face is narrower at the bottom, you should try to add width to your chin. A bottom-heavy frame makes the lower part of your face appear wider and gives a more balanced appearance overall.

    1. Frame with low-set temples: A frame with lower-set temples draws attention downward so that a wider forehead is minimized.

    1. Oval-shaped frames: If your chin is pointed, then an oval-shaped frame can take the attention away from it by drawing more focus up toward your eyes. The oval shape de-emphasizes the lower portion of your face.

    1. Light-colored or rimless frames: If you are self-conscious about your heart shaped face, minimize the impact of your glasses with a light, barely-there frame style.

Remember, this is just a starting point for choosing the right glasses for heart face shapes. Trying on a variety of different shapes and styles of glasses is the best way to choose a pair that complements your appearance. One way to try on your favorite glasses virtually is to use the Try On feature when shopping online, so you can make the right decision when it comes to your frames.

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