Hickey Freeman Glasses: Menswear Inspiration

We love the classic, retro, and intelligent look of our feature pair of Hickey Freeman Tustin Tortoise glasses. The details at the bridge and the subtle, smoke-like effect of the tortoise fade print make it a stylish choice for men. This week for our menswear look we pair our Hickey Freeman glasses with leather details and an all-season print shirt. Our inspiration came from the smart and intelligent look of the Hickey Freeman glasses, so we created a look that fits this vibe.

The Core Outfit

There are a few staple looks for guys that will always work, and this is one of them. Here are the “ingredients”: A simple print shirt, a slim tie (don’t go TOO slim), a fitted leather jacket (should reach just to your waist and no lower), dark gray trousers and a pair of lace-up shoes.

When the leather jacket hits right at the waist, it has a slimming effect and also makes you look taller. You could wear the leather jacket from fall through spring, so it is a very practical and versatile item you can wear with sweaters, t-shirts, and shirts. The wool tie is more seasonal (wear it during the fall/winter season) but is a stylish detail compared to a traditional tie.

The Accessories

A man should always wear a stylish and classy (but not flashy) watch. This is why we chose the Shinola “The Runwell” leather watch. In its dark chocolate brown and gold accents, it’s fit for everyday wear.

A man should also have a simple wallet – this one we chose is from Brooks Brothers in a warm chocolate brown in a size that fits easily in your pocket. The Hickey Freeman glasses add a touch of elegance and style to this look.

A pair of gradient oxfords in brown and black gives nice contrast against the gray trousers and compliments the dark brown leather jacket.


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