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Halloween contact lenses can transform your costume from mediocre to award winning in the blink of an eye. If all you need is a little inspiration, our editors have picked out their favorite costume ideas based on this year’s most popular films and television shows that feature Halloween contact lenses.

Maleficient - MaleficientAngelia Jolie’s rendition of Maleficent in Disney’s remake of Sleeping Beauty is a favorite costume idea for 2012. Instead of the story revolving around a princess, this version focuses on how exactly that evil fairy turned so evil. With their vibrant green color, Pointe du Lac contact lensesare the perfect accessory to complete this eerie look.Elizabeth Taylor - Dick and Liz


This November, the legendary life of Elizabeth Taylor is depicted by Lindsey Lohan in the much anticipated film, Dick and Liz. With her amazing natural violet eye color, Elizabeth Taylor’s beauty can best be represented by accessorizing with Violet Halloween contact lenses.

A guaranteed Halloween favorite is, of course, the vampire costume. With the return of the popular True Blood television series and the final Twilight blockbuster, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, premiering in November, there’s no better way to show your fan support than be beating out all the other vampire costumes with the perfect Halloween contact lenses. For the dark brooding look of Eric Northman from True Blood, try accessorizing this all black attire with Black Hole contact lenses to complete the look.

As for characters from the Twilight series, choose Vampire Gold Halloween contact lenses to add the perfect amount of gold flicker for Edward and Bella and Vampire Blood Halloween contact lenses to replicate the Volturi’s blood red eye color.

With Marvel’s The Avengers and the Dark Knight Rises taking the top two spots for feature film hits of 2012, Captain America and Batman’s ultimate villain, Bane, are top Halloween costume choices this year. Star Points Halloween contact lenses embody the strong patriotic nature of Captain America, while Blood Zombie Halloween contact lenses offer the penetrating deep red eye color of Bane.






With Zombie walks occurring across the globe, it’s been shown that the ultimate Zombie costume is never complete without a pair of eerie Halloween contact lenses. For the perfect depiction of Zombies from such fan favourites as The Walking Dead, and classic blockbuster Resident Evil: Retribution, Berserk Halloween contact lenses and Crazy White Halloween contact lenses are the perfect accessory.




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